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Melon (OC Ref) by Nukealias2 Melon (OC Ref) by Nukealias2
This character wasn't made by me. It was an adoptable originally as a pony (that I humanized) in which I bought simply due to artist's block. The credit goes to :iconconstipated-carrots: as she was the one who made her. Go check her art out, it's really good!

"I was trying to tell them something, but they would never believe me. I guess it was just something I could only find. All those I Spy books really helped me, I guess..."

"W-what did you say?! I'm crazy!?!...I can see where he hurt you, don't have to lie to me..."

Name: Melon "Little Melon" Julius
Full Name: Melon Peal Julius
Birthdate: January 20th
Age: 17
Weight: 116 lbs.
Height: 5'6''
Bloodtype: O
Current Residence: Loquat Islands, New Albany
Current Drive: Skin Shaver (Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney)
Species: (Pony turned) Human
Race: American & european descent
Attacks with: Her notepad (Primary), "Perceive" (passive secondary attack)
Likes: Melons, drawing, socializing, watermelons, sweaters, apples, staying outdoors, her little treehouse outdoors
Dislikes: being lied to, being threatened, no fruits to eat, lying to others and herself, caramel, jelly, trolls
Strengths: able to look ahead without harm, keeps her distance, can emotionally touch people,
Weaknesses: emotionally weak, weak if not paired up, needs fruit to regain energy

Color Palette:
1. Default
2. Mystique Sonia [Hero 108]
3. Zelda [The Legend Of Zelda]
4. Umbrella [Skullgirls]
5. Zone-Tan [Zone-Sama]
6. Athena Cykes [Phoenix Wright [Ace Attorney]: Dual Destinies]


A fruity and self-depended girl on her own, Melon Julius is a shy fellow that is often taken in by the sights of the world around her. She is a very interesting fellow, always walking around alone in the beach and forests, denying access to her by staying hidden. While a high schooler at her age, she seemed to be a celebrity to the elementary school kids in the Loquat Islands of New Albany. She liked to hang with the gentle, sweet young children, albeit to the rough, not so sweet people in Ibanez High School. She consists on a fruity diet of melon and watermelons, two of her favorite fruits to snack on. Lucky for her, it's the islands main fruits. 

She's very dependent on others, however. She's not very strong on her lonesome, and since she has nothing that is worth defending herself with, it's almost pointless. She makes this up for with innocence, simply being as simple and easy as she could for the most part. She often viewed this world as trustful and helpful, despite what has happened. She'll claim that everyone makes mistakes and that we just end up doing things we just don't want to get involved in. She still believes in her own motto to this day.

She also spends her free time inside her treehouse. It may seem too old for her now, but it was recently that it was rebuilt for her as her own hidden room. The reason why? Her parents. They would argue all the time, and it would be too much for her to handle it all at once. Every time there was a break in the arguments, Melon would check on them and see if everything was alright. Although, there would have been some sort of assault weapon or blood, or something. Her parents always tried to deny what had happened, especially when there were weapons involved. She was a gullible person, and often believed everything that happened. She kept wondering what kept going on through the day, trying to see if there was something that could be done about this. Alas, there was.

Having got a Cartridge Drive from a local garage sale (and a possessed notebook that made anything she drew come to life), Melon had put it into her body and awaited for what could happen. The only thing she got out of it was a small bracelet, but not just any bracelet. When the bracelet mysteriously appeared on her arm, it felt snug--exactly the size and shape as her wrist. When she felt tense and stressed, the bracelet got smaller and tighter. It was weird, but she didn't mind however. But, her point of view on it changed when something changed her eyesight. During school, as part of her classes was to be involved in a sort of mock trial, she tried to cross-examine the staged witness, her eyes felt a heavy shift. All of a sudden, her eyes had a color similar to dried up blood, and spikes had surrounded them. Even coloration had changed, everyone she saw looked black and white and their voices sounded slower and distorted, so did time for her. Melon was scared from the sudden change and left the room, and intentionally leaving the school for that day and the following one. 

One night, Melon's parents got into a fight and she checked on them to see if they were okay, and when she got there, her eyes did it again and just like described, it suddenly went slow. It seemed like nothing was going on, but when she looked at her mother's arms and legs to learn about the time distortion, she saw a scar on her leg when she said a certain word. It was scary to her! She freaked once again, but this time Melon screamed at her! She managed to stop the fight and bring the attention to her, something she never did again. She got involved with the argument this time trying to depict why she had a scar. In a matter of minutes, the fights stop indefinitely and she was relieved. Although unsure about how this new power would work, she believed that it would help her overcome many things. She called the ability the "Perceive" move.

When Dead Bird came into the scene in search of new recruits, Melon was almost taking to work for the opposing team, but her innocence helped her giving Dead Bird have mercy on her. She was intrigued by him, as her eyes sensed a huge ordeal of secrets. She wanted to discover what was behind that mask of his, and was on her way to overcome what she thought was impossible. Although the whole Perceive thing still made her cry ever time she used it.

Melon (C) Me, but it originally belonged to :iconconstipated-carrots:
The Cartridge Warriors (C) Me

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PictureOnProgress Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That perceive move sounds pretty freaky :noes:
Poor Melon seems so troubled and depressed :(
At least that notebook and funky sight can help her.
Nukealias2 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You want to know what perceive is? 
I'll show you what perceive is.…

She's going to be one of the few interesting ones, and I do feel bad for her. :I

See the lies, draw your thoughts, and see what you can do. :B
PictureOnProgress Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So that's how Melon looks like when perceiving? :fear:

Poor thing :(

Oh my :noes: Sounds pretty interesting.
Nukealias2 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nah, nah, that'd be too much for me. XD She'd probably just look normal with the only exception of the eyes and the spikes within it.


She drew a melon once, it worked but it tasted like wax. She drew a dragon and now half of the island's pier got burned up.
PictureOnProgress Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
How come that doesn't feel painful? o.o

So her materialization skills are improving :o
Nukealias2 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Because it's just visual flair. Sparkle, sparkle or some stuff.

She's trying. Natural artist, but she's still getting used to that notebook. Not like it hasn't caused done real bad damage to anything. *ahem*
PictureOnProgress Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, I see :V

I suppose that's part of learning :no:
Nukealias2 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Although, the eyes may tend to strain a little after awhile.

She's trying to get it, she's trying...
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