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This gallery contains every single piece of junk I've put in here.


Favorites.......but there is ALWAYS gonna be something weird. O_o




Many of you who have known me for a while know that I write some story called The Cartridge Warriors that I made back in well, early November. As you can see, I made a lot of OC's for this story, which included Mark, Amy, Roy, Dead Bird and everyone else that I would hope would make it in and be all cool and all, but this was not the case. You see...I've lost a lot of motivation to write the story for a while ever since it first was given it's first chapter. I thought some people would be cool and read it, but not a single favorite or comment on them.

I was always happy to see someone favorite it, but no one really cares for it and I just bet they don't even read it.

SO, let me list three reasons why I'm gonna stop writing The Cartridge Warrior story:


I happen to lose motivation from it and each chapter I write is almost tiring having to pick out the music and writing good plot elements (which I don't think are but whatever). It also takes more motivation from me having to type it and get no feedback on it at all. I was lucky enough to have much to write about 5 chapters, but that was it. If I don't get any complimentary feedback, then it's pointless for me to write it for no reaction.


Why would I even bother write a story that nobody is even gonna read? I try to take a lot of time to write it and it goes to waste just like that. So....I'm really just putting a lot of effort into nothing, is what I'm saying. You know how you want to make like this huge project you've always wanted to do but when you make it in the process you get no feedback on how it looks? Yeah, that is what this is about.


I try to think too hard of what should happen in the series's next chapter. I want it to work out well for everyone in there but it would make the story line harder to understand and it would be a total catastrophe.

So, yeah.


I will still post Chapter 4.5 once I am done, which will include Peletta's debut. But once I upload it, that's it. I may write it again in the future, only if I get the motivation to do it again...that is.

This doesn't mean I will end the series entirely. I will still draw OC's and give the bios and stuff for them to be part of the TCW universe, and all the pictures I will draw with my tablet will be like mini adventures for all my OC's. Even if they are a little weird I'm still gonna do it I wanna do this one picture of Peletta being able to change her breast size whenever she wants since she's a succubus in the universe and she likes to act dirty sometimes

SO, yeah. The Cartridge Warriors will not be having any more chapters after I upload Chapter 4.5.

If you read it, then thanks.

You at least read it, and that makes me happy.

If you are wondering, these are all the chapters I have done:
The Cartridge Warriors -Chapter 0- Author's note: There will be music to fit the mood for all Cartridge Warrior chapters. The music for this chapter is still in development.

It's 1999.
Video gaming has become one of the biggest things to come through in the world, ever since it's debut almost two decades ago. People were playing it almost constantly each and every day, regardless of gender and age. Everyone knew what a video game was, and it was just astonishing that the whole world knew of it. Japan, America, Russia, those are just the many countries that sport the biggest era of all time-the gaming era.
But, the era would become biggger.
A scientist in the labs of New York was busy trying to create a vaccine for a disease that recently came. While the research was going as planned, the lonely researcher became tired from his work and was just burnt out. He decide
   The Cartridge Warriors -Chapter 1-
(Music: Pikmin 3- Day Select)
Journal Date: April 13th, 2013
42nd Journal
    Well, after a year to pass once again, I guess it's clear to say my birthday is next week. I mean, that's actually be sweet, although I'm not too expectant on anything to be honest. After all, I've already had 16 other birthdays. Gee, now just writing the number 16 gets me hyped (sort of) to know that I'll be 17 next week. I don't really like getting old, makes me feel like I won't be able to do much later on. But, you just have to bask it all in, I guess. I hope Mom got the chocolate cake this time, though, I've told her plenty of times that I don't like banana flavored cakes, nor ice cream cakes...or both. S
  The Cartridge Warriors -Chapter 2-(Music: Professor Sycamore's Theme - Pokemon X/Y)
The wind the was being  casted through the bridge was just a delicate one, it blew through the hairs in which reacted with a following gesture as so. The oceans were going back and forth as the waves were as well being blown around the the breeze that was casted there. The bridge was starting to get shorted every second as Mark rode down his skateboard through the planks, as well as they are getting shorter form the many people who walk on it. The people there were nice, and sometimes social in Trinity's Root. The ocean shined brightly along with it's nice blue color. Trinity's Root also acts as a docking port upper north for any sorts of oversea shipments.
Mark was trying to cruise around the citizens as they were in his way, surprised at how many people were there.
"Whoa, guess other people thought it'd be a good day to bask the sunlight. I wouldn't be surprised if this happened all over the island." He thought to himself.
  The Cartridge Warriors -Chapter 3-INSERT ACT 2 CARTRIDGE_

As stagnant as the night was on the warmed up island of New Albany, it was only necessary for every citizen of the island to regain energy after a long day of doing what was to come before them. Every night on the island--the breezy, still spot on the world becomes a florescent theme park with bright lights--normal or colored--at every corner. Allenleaf's central area had many electrical currents running through the underground pathways, keeping one whole area shining brightly. At least, almost every part of the island. There was one part that stood on its own--Neo Grove. It was a floating city, and all of its own power was coming from nowhere? Who supplied it, who kept it
  The Cartridge Warriors -Chapter 4, Part 1-(Music: Maze Jam - Mario Party 6)
The noonish sun struck against the city, with yet another intense wave of heat. It was a nice change for what it has been for so long, but now the temperatures were rising in a tempered high. The heatwaves of the sun were almost beginning to be too much to handle, and there was no wind or breeze to chill everyone down. New Albany was to be caught in a heat storm for the next couple of days, then it would go back to the normal, refreshing rain it has been getting for years, typically a bad spot for any sort of vacation. While the people on the ground were being assaulted by the heat, the people in the sky were being cooled by a natural breeze against the sky. The force they put with their planes and the speed they insert into their bodies makes them cooler, in all the senses.
Then there was one person, it was Marii, who was being flown across the island in mid-air. Everyone who saw this woman flying in the air was interested in how she was able t
  The Cartridge Warriors -Chapter 4, Part 2-(Music: And Then...and Then... - Super Paper Mario)

Previously in the last part....
After Monday's events of total chaos, chasing a thief whose actions were connected to a series of kidnappings, Mark finds himself healthy and awake back in the safety of his home in Sparrowfield. Much to his surprise, he wakes up on a day which he was to demise--Wednesday. A figure of godly sorts had come to him and warned him of these things, but with no experience and little back story on what is to come, Mark is left by himself to chase down for answers and connect them for all sorts of trouble. His look for a starting point begins with him and a demonic figure...where things too quite an interesting turn....

It left off when Argos screamed something utterly weird; and unfamiliar to the hooded wanderer....
"I....I can't believe it! He....he is The Fool!" Argos screamed when his feathers

Read them if you want.
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Mark Jared Henson
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United States
Hello, good sir!

Welcome to my page! Here, it's really all about having fun! I just post lots of OC bios for a story I write in my pass time called The Cartridge Warriors, and while I know you don't want to check it out, I'll still love you even if you don't care for it! :la:

I have a heavy interest into video games! :icongameboyplz: I like to talk about them and base my OC's on them, so I hope I make one that is very particular to your liking!

Some very good friends I'd like you to meet!:
:iconcreativeartist-kenta: ) The first friend I made here on dA. Does lots of crossover picks that are awesome!
:iconmama-meatball: ) She's super radical and she is awesome to hang out with! Check her out if you like OFF, and cats!
:iconprincessskyler: ) She's AMAZING! Very fun to be with and it's always a good time with her. XD
:iconkirbykirbykirby1992: ) Another one of the first few friends I made on dA. Super nice and is a fan of Spongebob and Kirby.

What do I like? (in no particular order) :

Enjoy! :wave:


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