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This gallery contains every single piece of junk I've put in here.






Since I have nothing else to do why not.

This is all random and is written in no specific order.

  • Mark, Amy and Roy were all three characters I have given the names to on my play of the SNES game EarthBound. Mark was Ness, Amy was Paula, and Roy was Jeff--hencing their rather odd similarities. The person I had named for Poo was Malakai, but for reasons unknown I didn't like him when I sketched him out, thus he was scrapped. The person who took his place was another OC, Plague.
  • Roy was originally going to be younger and more sillier than what he appears now. He was going to be more of a fanatic about mechanics and science but had no prior skills to do any of the latter. This was changed--he is now a teen and can do these things.
  • Exa's design changed radically over the years prior to her reveal. At first, her first design had her look like a businesswoman that could perform some strange magic arts, that and she was wearing a Crockercorp tiara. Her second design changed this--she was more into robotics and looked more spunkier than previously. Her final and current design is the end result that she had been made an AI.
    • This doesn't compare to Mark's many redesigns in the past, where there were several changes to his attire with each minute. Not even I am sure if there will ever be a final design for him.
  • All of my OC's are based on a lot of video games. I kid you not. Mark is based on EarthBound as said previously, and other OC's, like Peletta, Roxy and Onur were based on Kingdom Hearts, Advance Wars, and Pikmin respectively.
    • The only exception is Roy and Amy, who are based on Team Fortress 2 and Harvest Moon respectively.
  • The Cartridge Warriors had functioned differently that it seemed in previous drafts. The idea did not involve the use of a Cartridge Drive--the very thing that the people of the series had gained their powers from. It was based on the fact that people were part of different family branches--5 in fact as far the main ones go. About 10 kids teamed up from the 5 family branches to stop some evil guy blah blah blah from absorbing the energy from the whole earth. I felt the idea was going to be too cliche so I scrapped it whole and thus, the Cartridge Drives and all that happened.
  • How did Mima come to existence? As far as I can remember, I used to remember this bad guy on an old cartoon called Totally Spies. His name was Jazz Hands and I don't know why--but I loved him. I started to get into him and for odd reasons unknown I fell in love with mimes as a whole. This later came to be the movive behind the creation of Mima, and later on, the creation behind Melody and Felicity, although the latter was a special case since she was an adopt.
  • Obvious is obvious--but the location of The Cartridge Warriors, New Albany is name-based on the real life location of Albany, New York.
    • However, the four main continents of the story are based on Advance Wars' four main factions--Orange Star (Fenikso Valley), Blue Moon (Antaeus Glacier), Yellow Comet (Nessus Plains), and Green Earth (Automaton Valley). New Frenzia, Peletta's and Lucia's homeworld, is based on the enemy faction--Black Hole.  
      • Ironic as it is, Peletta does not live in New Frenzia anymore, which doesn't make her a bad person entirely.
  • Adopts were going to be considered separate from The Cartridge Warriors universe and be non-canon to it, but I just added them in.
  • Thomas and Edgar are relatively close to design. I am going to change Edgar's design soon enough.
  • Peletta did not become friends with Mark out of the blue. Peletta's main attempt, as a succubus by default, was to arouse Mark and make him a sorta sex slave(???). This did not happen as to Mark was clueless as to what she was doing, and instead became friends with him. Sogoodluckwithathatgurl
  • Some elements from games were to be important factors in the Cartridge Warriors timeline. Dangan Ronpa was to one of them by default--despair does exist in the universe itself, in the factor of a drive-affecting bug. Witch trials were also set in the universe, much like in Phoenix Wright Vs. Professor Layton.
    • And no, just because they despair in this universe does not change their appearance.
      • In other words this is not Puella Magi Madoka Magica
        • Nor are there any witches.
          • Okaymaybeafewbutnotliketheonesofthelatter
  • Tetra: The only person who can feel safe in the arms of either Sahara or Erik.
  • Erik was an accidental pioneer in science. He was attempting to be a full fledged chemist for the most part, but it doesn't come to being when he suddenly discovers the science of anti-gravity.
  • Not that it would matter, but I had made several OC's in the past before Cartridge Warriors besides Malakai. One was going to be Roy's mother, Ophelia, who was deal but was rebuilt as a cyborg running on clockwork as an experimentation on Roy's father, Marth's half. It is undecided if she will be part of the universe.
    • Along with her was another OC by the name of Vendetta who ran a fashion shop, and she was to have a dual persona by the name of Masquerade who did sinister evil stuff by force. While she wasn't included, she does have someone who does share this trait in hand--Marii.
      • And yes, Roy and Marth. Deal with it.
  • Lucia has a deep deep love for caramel candies. She doesn't tell anyone though, since if her bodyguards knew they would chew her out.
    • Literally. She will not hear the end of it.
  • Roxy is the only person in the island and school district of New Albany to have a career in the army, be in college AND be an alcoholic. Why no one has bothered to take her to rehab nor expel her from the school is basically anyone's guess. Ah, if only she didn't happen to threaten everyone with a tank when they suggest that stuff.
  • Meryl knows for a fact that Violet is not her real mother---she's technically the sister of Meryl's mother. Meryl's father is an easily manipulatable man, not even requiring the use of Violet's magic. Meryl on the other hand is the opposite of that--she has a tendency to resist Violet--but this lead to Violet making her a puppet using magic forcefully, in which she decided to not let her be independent with anything and have her dictate Sakura Fields ASAP.
    • Oh, what happened to Meryl's real mom?
      • Well, let's just say a body had been discovered.
  • Edgar did learn to shoot from his father who was a police man.
    • However, that was half the time. The other time was practicing shooting in the down below woods of Teakveil without his fathers permission.  There are a lot of undead down there, you know.
  • Dead Bird and Mark are technically the yin yang of the Cartridge Warriors universe.
    • Mark is the yang side. He technically by default represents the colorful and bright island with his rather quirky attitude. The island is full of color and power by itself which Mark is backed up by, making him strong whenever he needs to be. His personality is rather energetic and bashful, which makes a deliberate favorite among others at places such as his neighborhood. With many other colorful personalities as himself, his side is very bright and strong.
    • Dead Bird is the yin side. He is a total flip flop of Mark--he represents the "uncolorful" side of the island which is full of corruption and distrust. Deliberately he starts off weak as darkness alone, but later on he was able to feed on the color in which he was able to reform as that darkness for himself. Later on in the months before he could make his attack on New Albany, he was able to turn half the pop. of the island to his side, making the yin yang in equal footing.
      • While both sides are opposites, these sides make an sudden point when The Grand Prowess came to Mark after Dead Bird's....death, that the world would not exist if there was more then the other side. If light and darkness had no way to balance, then no world for them where it could develop properly. If there was too much light, the world would lose its sense of way and there would be no one to guide them and create a fully functional world. If there was too much darkness, then the world would lose its sense of freedom and the world would never feel distinct--just bland and again, no one to create a fully functional society.
        • Thus, why the world has been having its fair share of those two rather than one side being the dominant one.
  • Mima has an accidental sense of symbolism.
    • I mean, for someone who feels like they have no sense of being part of the yin side, she sure knows how to handle some things with that paintbrush of hers.
      • That colorful, amazingly fun paintbrush that happens to rule out Mima's sense of annoyance and distastefulness on the colorful island.
  • Mizuki has a rather hot headed attitude for usually the most part.
    • She isn't this way to act tough--she just usually is. However, she's very happy and excitable a lot. She's more easy to befriend in spars--although she isn't easy to beat. She has a distinct fondness for foods and loves to get her hands on any food possible. She does have sisters, one of which goes by the name of Gato.
      • Unfortunately for Mizuki herself, as if being the heiress to the throne of a continent wasn't already enough, she gets caught in a trap by an old friend of hers and subjects her to mind-wiping, which forces her to be part of the yin side and become a loyal fighter to Dead Bird. Doesn't mean she still isn't a challenge for Mark, though.
  • Jake likes to crossdress and do it whenever he can since he doesn't care much about everybody.
    • Well, maybe except for Cordelia--who was confused and scared of Jake when he did crossdress in public.
  • Dictino has a thing for lying, namely because his late father had done so before him and used his trick to get what he had wanted. The only person who he could not get through with this was Rachel. How? Lie detectors.
  • Rachel wasn't born with the mental sickness as it seems she was--it was the Drive she obtained as a child which took a toll on her head and caused it to crack. Because of this she can't be trusted alone to take her medicine because she had a fondness for forgetting things. This is why she lives in a house with her younger brother Tanner, who while easily made uncomfortable and paranoid, is very on task with things. Tanner usually blames himself and wants to punish himself if he forgot to have Rachel take her meds needed for her to hold back the sickness from coming again.
  • Sahara loves cats. All of them.
    • Would be a shame if you were allergic to them.
  • Exa supposedly was created accidentally and was not meant to exist.
    • This was due to the panicked feelings of Marth. Marth had found the body of Exa, or pre-digitaliation, by the name of Deborah who was heavily injured and was to bleed out to death in the morning sun. While it wasn't up to Marth to leave it up to himself to care for her, he made this his mission. However, due to his lack of knowledge he was no pharmacist or doctor. Unfortunately, Deborah was already on the very verge of death and left Marth to use a machine he had created but never used. With the machine, he was able to fully cure Deborah and restore her to full health--at the cost of a total memory wipe.

On a side note:

  • There is also going to be a "what if situation":
    • What if Dead Bird never had happened to exist? What would happen to Mark if he wasn't to be treated as he is expected to be--a hero. What would happen within Mark's head if he was to be left alone in the island to ponder and think to himself--would the world accept him for his actions or would they leave him be and move on without him. What would his friends think of him trying to stop a world where crime had no reason to exist? Would Mark simply just stay to walk the streets...or would he have a more darker intention to cause an uproar? His friends, Amy, Roy and....Eliza (formerly Mima in canon universe) would help him on this matter to make sure he is not brought onto a dark uprising.




Mark Jared Henson
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Hello, good sir!

Welcome to my page! Here, it's really all about having fun! I just post lots of OC bios for a story I write in my pass time called The Cartridge Warriors, and while I know you don't want to check it out, I'll still love you even if you don't care for it! :la:

I have a heavy interest into video games! :icongameboyplz: I like to talk about them and base my OC's on them, so I hope I make one that is very particular to your liking!

Some very good friends I'd like you to meet!:
:iconcreativeartist-kenta: ) The first friend I made here on dA. Does lots of crossover picks that are awesome!
:iconmama-meatball: ) She's super radical and she is awesome to hang out with! Check her out if you like OFF, and cats!
:iconprincessskyler: ) She's AMAZING! Very fun to be with and it's always a good time with her. XD
:iconkirbykirbykirby1992: ) Another one of the first few friends I made on dA. Super nice and is a fan of Spongebob and Kirby.


What do I like? (in no particular order) :

Enjoy! :wave:


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