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This gallery contains every single piece of junk I've put in here.


Favorites.......but there is ALWAYS gonna be something weird. O_o





*subject are to change*
*is incomplete for now*

Mark Zillioni
*Although he was shy and often isolated as a young guy, he was an excellent baseball player and had a great hitting average. His retirement from the youth baseball team was the unprecedented amount of times he had been hit in the face batting. Reasons are unknown, although quite stupid.
*Mark has a secret crush on Tetra and Amy (although he doesn't truly understand the whole love process).
*Mark wears his jacket where ever he goes, even if it's hot out.
*Mark's jacket was originally a soft and lushious grey, but what else can you do about it if it gets dirty from him tripping and running?
*He plays bass for time killing, for which he was taught lessons from his out-of-town cousin to play bass.
*The Zillioni family blood line is known for its prestigious and heroic blood. Mark's dad, Irvin Zillioni, was a police office until eventual retirement, and Mark's mom, Melissa Essie, was a spy (don't ask why) in her prime years. Mark himself is a street sweeper, fighting the bad guys one by one.
*Mark has a personal snack besides chocolate that can be deemed too sugary to eat.
*Born and raised on the islands themselves!

Amy Malinowski
*She happens to slip wine or liquor with her when she travels--she puts it in a water bottle and pretends that she put a flavor drop inside it. Drink happy, mi comrade.
*Her exotic flowers are sometimes a mixture of poisonous chemicals and regular sunflower seeds.
*She actually has 11 sisters. 4 are still confirmed to be alive (Ava, Anais*, April*, and Aisling*), and the others sisters status are unknown, as they were all not present during the Malinowski mass murder incident. This makes for 12 young sisters of the Malinowski household if Amy is counted.
*She hides her schizophrenia from her friends, and sometimes gets involved in episodes of personal breakdowns.
*As of now, she is slightly pansexual.
*Amy often has erotic dreams of Mark, and there are rare moments where she'll give herself pleasure in the outside.
*She secretly watches violent animes in her room.
*The Malinowski family blood line consists of unpredictable, but sweet fortune. The family wine they produce is special to them, but truthfully it was a mishap. They truly were money-grubbers at start, but over time, they grew to a specially inclined artistic skill, like Amy's flower growing.
*Amy plans to recreate the traditional wine if she can gain aide.

*I never revealed them, you sops.

Roy Flannel
*He was a total loser--while he was getting all these sick rewards and such, he never had the time to make friends. Or he never chose to.
*He always thought of Exa as a true sister. His sister, Helga Flannel, another well-rounded scientist, was killed in a double murder (not caused by the name of Dead Bird) somewhere within Allenleaf, and chose to relate her to her.
*He has a lab coat he never bothers to use.
*His favorite type of music is anything with a sweet pinch of jazz--not too heavy, not too light.
*Originally friends with the old goody two-shoes orphan bratty mime, Eliza Pent.
*His first invention at age 9 was a giant walking toaster that had a water gun and a plate dispenser--the end result was that it traveled to the junk yard after being a mechanical disaster getting people wet and shooting people in the face with plates.
*The Flannel family blood line consists of brainiac workers and scientists. Marth Flannel, Roy's father, was the man who worked with the creator of the Cartridge Drives and helped perfect them to be usable. Albert Flannel, Roy's grandfather, is the head of the university of the island. Roy is still a rookie scientist engineer, and so was Roy's late sister, Helga, a rookie forensics scientist.

*She secretly writes her own fanfiction, and has published only two chapters of it and a prelude to it already. It's really good.
*A virus version of her exists within the cyber realm--Roy and her only know the way to her cage.
*She can get sick from time to time, most common sickness is malware. (it acts like a common cold--coughing, sneezing, and other stuff.)
*She is able to roam around the world freely without any sort of permission from Marth or Roy. She just needs to engage her new form from the recent update to do so.
*Her favorite stone is thunderstone (if you catch my drift).
*Only Marth knows the reason behind Exa's creation. If Exa knew, she'd demand to be brought back as flesh and blindly expose Marth as a creep. If Roy knew, he'd be scared and he would drop the whole ball of love he had for science, scared by the life-turning bounds of said subject.
*Exa has been having headaches of a strange girl who sort of looks just like her...

Plague XD0-5

-More to come!-
Well, it's been quite some time, hasn't it?

First of all, it's been a hell of a weekend lately -- I got caught up with a sickness and it seemed to stay with me until yesterday, so that's good (doesn't mean I'll be good going back to school.) But I think I can waver that out. I cannot tell you how bad it was. I couldn't stop coughing and sweating, coughing was real painful and allergies all had to make it worse for me. So to speak, I'm just glad to feel better again.

Buuuuuuut, I used all my free time to try and make three things -- a redraw (of my lil cutesy mime Mima, did not like how her first picture turned out), a new character (sorry C-C, but it ain't the one from the auction, that I'll draw next.), and last but not least, :iconpictureonprogress:'s super ultra late birthday drawing (like I said, I had too much on the plate). 

But, I'd like to state that this journal is here and proud.

I'd also like to state that I am also open to game suggestions to help expand the character roster of my universe.


Wow that was so short and lame
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_Character Themes & Alt Costumes_

*all themes & costumes are subject to change*

Mark Zillioni
Main Theme: (A Railway In Our Village? - Mother 3)…
Battle Theme: (Cloud Garden - Pac-Man World Rally)…
Alternate Design: Scout from Team Fortress 2

Amy Malinowski
Main Theme: (Flower Garden - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island)

Battle Theme: (A Friendly Spar - Gotcha Force)…
Alternate Costume: Mana from Gotcha Force

Roy Flannel
Main Theme: (Face to Face - Trauma Team)…
Battle Theme: (Iron Man's Theme - Marvel Vs. Capcom 3)…
Alternate Costume: Engineer from Team Fortress 2

Plague XD0-5
Main Theme: (Prof. E.Gadd's Theme - Luigi's Mansion)…
Battle Theme: (2-Player Battle - Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine [Genesis])…
Alternate Costume: Dr. Steinman from BioShock

Dead Bird
Main Theme: (Dreams Of Cruelty - Team Fortress 2)…
Battle Theme: (Gill's Theme - Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact)…
Alternate Costume: YLO Pyro (Based Origins: Team Fortress 2) [Design:…

Main Theme: (Miiverse Sketch Menu - Game & Wario)…
Battle Theme: (E101 mk II - Sonic Adventure DX)…
Alternate Costume: White Mage from Final Fantasy

Main Theme: (Dimentio, Charming Magician - Super Paper Mario)…
Battle Theme: (Here Come The Squeaks! - Kirby: Squeak Squad)…
Alternate Costume: Mad Moxxi from Borderlands

Main Theme: (Petite Chou-Fleur - Team Fortress 2)…
Battle Theme: (Paint Panic - Kirby: Canvas Curse)

Alternate Costume: Roxy Lalonde (God Tier) from Homestuck

Mr. Rosho
Main Theme: (Empire City [Day] - Sonic Unleashed)…
Battle Theme: (Coliseum Battle [Helper or Hero] - Kirby Super Star Ultra)…
Alternate Costume: Ultimate Rugal from Capcom Vs. SNK 2

Main Theme: (Reverie - Homestuck Cherubim Album)…
Battle Theme: (Dragon Road [Day] - Sonic Unleashed)…
Alternate Costume: Aranea Serket from Homestuck

Main Theme: (Main Menu - Marvel Vs. Capcom 2)…
Battle Theme: (Big Blue - Super Smash Bros. Melee)…
Alternate Costume: Spelunky Guy from Spelunky

Main Theme: (Gun Fight [by The Mighty Underdogs FEAT. MF Doom] - Skate 3)…
Battle Theme: (Cyclops' Theme - Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter)…
Alternate Costume: Bill from Left 4 Dead

Main Theme: (Ancient Pi'illo Kingdom - Mario & Luigi: Dream Team)…
Battle Theme: (Mid-Boss [Halcandra] - Kirby's Return to Dream Land)…
Alternate Costume: Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy

Main Theme: (No Eating Crackers in the Cinema - Mother 3)…
Battle Theme: (Stage 1 - Journey to Silius)…
Alternate Costume: Hobo Phoenix Wright from Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice

Main Theme: (He's Playing Classical Music - Portal 2)…
Battle Theme: (Dance of Thorns - Homestuck Strife Album)…
Alternate Costume: The Notepad from Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared (Design:… [the one on the left, you dopes])

Main Theme: (Cyllage City Theme - Pokemon X/Y)…
Battle Theme: (Blazing Internet [Fireman's Theme] - Megaman Network Transmission)…
Alternate Costume: G Red from Gotcha Force

Lady Lucy & Sid
Main Theme: (Calisto Yew ~ Let Me Laugh At the Cool - Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations)

Battle Theme: (Junior Street - Mario Hoops 3 on 3)…
Alternate Costumes: (Lady Lucy) Carmelita from Sly Cooper, (Sid) Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece

Main Theme: (Dead Center Main Menu - Left 4 Dead 2)…
Battle Theme: (Wolverine's Theme - Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter)…
Alternate Costume: Filia from Skullgirls

Main Theme: (Reception Desk - Pokemon Battle Revolution)…
Battle Theme: (Wild Pokemon Battle - Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)…
Specialized Passive Theme: (Logic Chess ~ Opening - Gyakuten Kenji 2)…
Alternate Costume: Venus from Skullgirls

Main Theme: (Observatory Dome [Level Select] - Super Mario Galaxy)…
Battle Theme: (Heir Conditioning - Homestuck Strife Album)…
Alternate Costume: Bellephone from Wakfu

Main Theme: (Alec's Log House - Mother 3)…
Battle Theme: (Oki Doki! - Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story)…
Specialized Passive Theme: (Seeing Through ~ Surge,Glance - Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney)…
Alternate Costume: Asuka from Tekken

Main Theme: (Shi-Long Lang ~ Speak Up, Pup! - Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations)…
Battle Theme: (Rare Wild Pokemon Battle - Pokemon Black/White)…
Alternate Costume: Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill

Main Theme: (Layton's Theme - Professor Layton & The Curious Village)…
Battle Theme: (Chun-Li's Theme - Marvel Vs. Capcom 3)…
Alternate Costume: Sorceress from Dragon's Crown (current placeholder)

*as of here, you may just find the video itself, so please excuse it if fills up too much.

Main Theme: (Hakari Mikagami ~ Goddess of Law - Gyakuten Kenji 2) 

Battle Theme: (Shoutoko Legend ~ True Administrator [TD Miko's Theme] - Touhou 13: Ten Desires)

Main Theme: (Petalburg - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door)

Battle Theme: (Nell's Theme - Advance Wars)

Main Theme: (Main Menu - Super Mario Strikers) 

Battle Theme: (Jake's Theme - Advance Wars {Dual Strike})

Main Theme: (Feferi's Theme [I Love You] - Homestuck Vol. 8)

Battle Theme: (Sasha's Theme - Advance Wars [Dual Strike])

Clone Roxy
Main Theme: (The Kalos Power Plant - Pokemon X/Y)

Battle Theme: (Vs. Team Plasma - Pokemon Black & White) 

-Unrevealed Characters Themes- (Main themes only)

Main Theme: (Climb The Peak - Mario Party 7)…

Main Theme: (O'Chunks, Warrior - Super Paper Mario)…

Main Theme: (Title Theme - NES Remix)…

Mew Ling
Main Theme: (Friends' Theme: Reunited - Pokemon X/Y)…

Main Theme: (Doctrine Dark's Theme - Street Fighter EX 3)…

Main Theme: (City/Options - Kid Chameleon)

(Note: Post and Pre Assault just means after or before Dead Bird attacks the whole island, respectively. They're also alternate themes, if you want to.)

(Note 2: Not all locations will have two themes.)

Theme of New Albany
(Pikmin 2 - World Map)…

Pre-Assault:(Outset Island - The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker)…
Post-Assault: (Mind of a Thief - Mother 3)…

Pre-Assault: (Twoson - Mother 1+2)…
Post-Assault: (Garden Of Hope - Pikmin 3)…

Trinity's Root
Pre-Assault: (Ricco Harbor - Super Mario Sunshine)…
Post-Assault: (Summers, Eternal Tourist Trap - EarthBound)…

Pre-Assault: (Valley Of Repose - Pikmin 2)…
Post-Assault: (Holli Jolli Village - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time)…

Pre-Assault: (Swamp Fever Menu Theme - Left 4 Dead 2)…
Post-Assault: (Cave - Pikmin 3)…

Season's Plane 
Pre-Assault: (Overworld 1 - Super Mario 3D World)…
Post-Assault: (Shopping in Wakeport - Mario & Luigi Dream Team)…

Neo Grove
Pre-Assault: (Neon Nation - Mario Party 7)…
Post-Assault: (Driftveil City - Pokemon Black/White)…

Black Ashlands
Pre-Assault: (Excavation Site - Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll)…
Post-Assault: (Mount Lineland - Super Paper Mario)…

Magnolia Cliffs
Pre-Assault: (World 6 Map - New Super Mario Bros. Wii)…
Post-Assault: (Thwomp Volcanp - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time)…

Spruce Clouds
Pre-Assault: (Mom's Hometown - Mother 3)…
Post-Assault:(World 7 Map - New Super Mario Bros. Wii)…

Pre-Assault: (Monkitropolis - Super Monkey Ball Adventure)…
Post-Assault:(Wario City [Challenge Mode] - Mario Super Sluggers)…

Loquat Islands
Pre-Assault: (On The Beach - Yoshi's Story)…
Post-Assault: (Investigation ~ Opening 2001 - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)…

Katsura Fields
(Sammer's Kingdom - Super Paper Mario)…

Hawthorne Forest
Pre-Assault: (Teenies In Trouble - Rayman Legends)…
Post-Assault: (Main Theme - A Hat In Time)…

The Grand Minnow's Palace
(Airytale Castle - Wario Land: Shake It)…
New Albany (Dead Bird Overtaken)
(Robot Laboratory ~ Unerasable Past - Phoenix Wright [Ace Attorney]: Dual Destinies)…

The Grand Minnow's Palace (Dead Bird Overtaken)
(Toadwood Forest - Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time)…
_more to come_



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Hello, good sir!

I may not post much on this page, but it would be nice if you took the time to look over my art!

What do I like? (in no particular order) :


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